Connecting with your beloved pets

August 6, 2017 8:28 am Comments: 0

Yesterday had a client who had just recently lost her beautiful parrot.

Now… for anyone that knows me, knows that I have a MASSIVE and I mean MASSIVE fear of birds (all originates because I was hung in a past-life and pecked out without being quite dead!).

Anyway as I was doing the normal connecting with members of her family, dog etc… she asked if there was anything else there and I couldn’t see the parrot (but that’s because I wouldn’t open myself up to that), so when I asked her who she wanted to connect with it really put me out of my comfort zone completely.

I put my fear aside and was able to connect to the beautiful parrot and the relationship that they had, his behaviours etc… I could even feel him nudging her head as he would sit on her shoulder (by that time the cold sweats were coming on). She was so moved by the experience and was able to finally grieve his loss.

It definitely was an experience, and a true test of my mediumship, because mediumship isn’t about me, it’s about those in the afterlife being able to communicate with you. A connection had to happen, whether I was shit scared or not of the bird! I’m glad I was able to hold it together for this beautiful client.

I can’t say I’m in hurry to connect with more birds, but at least I know I can somehow handle this fear through mediumship.

Never a boring day in the office, that’s for sure!

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