5 lessons you can apply from Unearthing the Spirit Within Retreat

September 21, 2017 10:00 pm Comments: 0

Lucy Francis and I took 10 women away to the beautiful Te Henga Studios near Bethells Beach on a transformational retreat.
It was incredible to see the difference in the women from who they were on the Friday to whom they had allowed themselves to evolve by the Sunday afternoon.

Many had wondered whether they would be able to experience such a shift in the weekend, but they were all surprised by how much more they had transformed than they thought they would.

It truly is a life changing experience and we really have so much gratitude for the women who have come along to the Unearthing the Spirit Within Retreat in 2017.

I thought I’d share with you 5 major lessons that came up for everyone over the weekend as I feel these are going to be valuable lessons for you too.

1. Investing in yourself
Many of these women had struggled to commit to investing so much in themselves, not just the money side, but taking a weekend away from family and commitments. However, investing in yourself is an act of self-love, and each an every single one of them saw how powerful it was in their wellbeing to keep investing in themselves on all levels.
You are your greatest investment, and the more you make yourself a priority, the more you have to offer those that are in your life.

2. Build a tribe
I’ve always said time and time again, that having people in your life that are your soul family is one of the key elements to joy and abundance. What these women discovered is the similarities that they have had in their lives and they way they thought about things. Instantly, you could see that it was as if they had been friends all their lives. They supported each other and have formed friendships that will last a lifetime. It’s so important to go out there and have a group of like-minded people where you can be authentically you and be loved and valued for it.

3. There are many stages to the journey
We are all constantly evolving and learning as we walk this journey called life. What these women discovered was that there are many different stages to the spiritual journey, but no matter what stage of the journey you are on, that we are all equal. No one is ever lesser or superior no matter how long they have been practicing spirituality. There is always something to learn and something to share. From women who have have maybe only experienced a reading, to being fully involved in a spiritual practice, they are and will remain equal to each other. There is no competition and the stages of where you at may change as you go along.

4.Let go of others opinions
This was a big one, and I always refer to this as the ‘outside clutter’. The stories and the bullshit that others place on us that stops us living authentically in alignment with what feels right to us. So many of these women were carrying stories that others had placed of them of not being worthy, not being good enough or not being valued and heard. It’s saddens me that so many people miss out because they get caught up in the fear and lack projections of others on to them. The ladies definitely felt this was a massive shift they had for them of no longer allowing judgement of others hold them back.

5. Let go of the labels
The whole theme of the retreat is answering the question ‘Who am I’, and so letting go of being defined was a really big shift. By labeling yourself, or trying to fit into a box, you are limiting yourself and the experiences you are able to have. When we asked these women who they are at the end of the retreat, not one of them labelled themselves as anything, rather it was stating things like I am confident, I am unique, I am of service. Where as we tend to label ourselves as our profession e.g a doctor, or status e.g a mother, or anything else e.g vegan.
Get rid of the labels you place on yourself and allow yourself to be free from these limitations these labels have placed on you.

I hope that within these 5 lessons something within you as been evoked and that you are able to allow these quantum shifts to occur naturally.

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