Through mediumship I was reconnected with my murdered Uncle

I know I was truly touched when students from my Development group connected to my step uncle who was murdered just over 15 years ago.  I don’t often get to receive messages from loved ones (unless I’m on a course), so it threw me a little to be on the receiving end for a change.  

Procrastination is on the way out!

Is procrastination letting you down on achieving your dreams?

Well read on to find out that you really are normal and how to get motivated.

Let’s face it, at some point or another we have all found a million and one excuses to not complete a task or give up because something was ‘too hard’.

Can you place yourself in that dilemma? Well I know I can, I think I have probably become a pro at procrastination and this is why I was inspired to write this.

The responsibility of our voice as practioners

I want to take this time to talk about messages you may receive in a reading and how they may affect you.
After teaching my development class and talking with some of my students afterwards it was brought to my attention the power of our words as practioners and the responsibility that goes with it.

Creating teachers not disciples

This morning I was really inspired by a video I was watching by Gabrielle Bernstein who is the ‪#‎spiritjunkie‬

In the video she talked about how she wasn’t here to create disciples but she was here to create teachers, and I truly resonate with that message.

Shining a positive light on suicide

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about loved ones in spirit who have committed suicide.

I have to be honest and say that I used to think that spirits who had committed suicide where a darker energy to work with, however, I have very much changed my thoughts on this. Here is my public apology to anyone I may have offended with these previous comments and I hope that one day you connect with your loved ones.

So, here is what I believe, at the end of the day we are all going to pass. It’s the only thing guaranteed in life, the big question is how?

My first ever Psychic Reading experience

Like most of you, I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I had my first ever reading.
I was 5 months pregnant at the time with my daughter and in a relationship that I felt rather unsatisfied in.  A part of me knew the relationship was over, but at just 21 years of age, I just couldn’t see a clear future for myself and needed a bit of reassurance that I was going to be okay.

Do soul mates break our hearts?

“People think your soul mate is the perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants.  But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everythings that’s holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.  A true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll meet, because they tear down the walls and smack you awake.”  Elizabeth Gilbert

Have you had your heart broken by one of your soul mates?

Past lives

Do you believe in past lives?

I do.

We are all entitled to our own spiritual beliefs, however I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve asked yourself

Life is mirror

Do you ever wonder why certain things happen in your life?

I believe life is all about choices.  What I’ve come to realise is that what life offers us is a mirror

Is there life after death?

What happens after we die?

Is it really the end? Do we cease to exist?

These are some of the many questions I get asked as a medium, and I would love to share what I believe happens when we die.

Spirit Hugs On National TV

Melissa Mills interviewed on The Cafe with hosts Mike Puru and Melanie Homer June 2017.

Whispers From Above Journal

The Whispers From Above Journal helps you to create a personal connection to your loved ones in spirit and is makes a wonderful keepsake to treasure forever



“Melissa’s readings are very caring, accurate and detailed. She has helped me immensely over the last couple of years and connecting with a lost, loved one has been very healing. I have recommended and referred her to many people who have also had readings and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.”

- KA

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