5 lessons you can apply from Unearthing the Spirit Within Retreat

Lucy Francis and I took 10 women away to the beautiful Te Henga Studios near Bethells Beach on a transformational retreat.
It was incredible to see the difference in the women from who they were on the Friday to whom they had allowed themselves to evolve by the Sunday afternoon.

Your personal translator for spirit

Are your loved ones in spirit trying to communicate with you?
My answer to YOU is YES!

I nearly quit… I’m sure you have too!

Here I am raw and honest…I have wanted to quit so many times!!

These last few months have been so overwhelming that I’ve wanted to pack it all in and go back to some form of retail job. I’m not kidding when those very words came out of my mouth after one of my shows last month.

At the beginning of the year, putting on a nation wide tour seemed like a crazy dream, and now I’m in full swing of it and there have been so many moments where I ask myself ‘why am I doing this?’

I have felt so much fear over it all that it has consumed me to want to give up, to just quit and say a big F!ck It to it all!

I never thought things would be this challenging! All the things that happen in the background to pull something of this magnitude off is more than I could have anticipated.

Start saying “YES” to life

Start saying a big fat “HELL YEA” to your life.

When life throws you opportunities (even unexpected or unrealistic ones), it’s important for you to jump and allow the universe to provide for you. Whether this be for your personal growth, relationships, career, health, adventures and so on.

This is the transition I need to propel me to my abundance

Feeling lost?

Feeling stuck?

If this sounds familiar, then you are keeping yourself there.

I have seen so many of my clients lately who are saying “I feel so lost”.

I sympathies, I have been there many times, it’s not a very pleasant place to be if we keep that outlook of being ‘lost’ or ‘stuck’.

Instead, I have been getting my clients to change the story to ‘I am in transition’. As soon as they say that, their whole face lights up and their energy is completely different.

The power of the Yellow Rose

You know, sometimes when I’m doing mediumship I feel I say things that are so random or that seem so un-meaningful….but boy am I wrong with that!

Connecting with your beloved pets

Yesterday had a client who had just recently lost her beautiful parrot.

Now… for anyone that knows me, knows that I have a MASSIVE and I mean MASSIVE fear of birds (all originates because I was hung in a past-life and pecked out without being quite dead!).

Fur babies want to speak to us too

oh my gosh…. I’ve just finished a skype reading with a lovely client who wanted to hear from her dog… at first a tiny part of me was freaking out that I wouldn’t be able to connect with the dog, but I put it out there to my spirit team and like always, they never let me down.

Oprah’s legacy to me

Oprah’s legacy

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of attending an evening with Oprah – her NZ live show in Auckland.  I am now able to tick another thing off my vision board.

What an absolute gift it was to be in the presence of such transformational greatness.

The whole experience feels so divinely intervened – from meeting beautiful souls in the queue for future business opportunities in Christchurch to meeting a fellow psychic medium (from my area) in the carpark with the hour long wait from being on the top level.

From the moment Oprah stepped on the stage till the moment she left I was captivated by her every word which rings true in every part of my being.

I want to share with you my biggest ‘take-away’ moments because one of my values is ‘when we share wisdom we transform mankind’.

My Rose Quartz pendant helped me find true love

It was November 2014 when I made a purchased that completely changed my life. After attending a weekend business workshop I met the lovely Monique who makes gemstone jewellery and held on to her business cards for a few weeks. I had checked out her website and eyed out a pendant I quite liked but just left it at that.

Spirit Hugs On National TV

Melissa Mills interviewed on The Cafe with hosts Mike Puru and Melanie Homer June 2017.

Whispers From Above Journal

The Whispers From Above Journal helps you to create a personal connection to your loved ones in spirit and is makes a wonderful keepsake to treasure forever



“Melissa’s readings are very caring, accurate and detailed. She has helped me immensely over the last couple of years and connecting with a lost, loved one has been very healing. I have recommended and referred her to many people who have also had readings and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.”

- KA

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