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If you’re here…
Maybe you’re wondering why? Maybe a friend has referred you, you’ve found me online, or maybe you’ve had a bit of a nudge from spirit.

You may also have some questions like “Why does this keep happening to me?”, “Am I on the right path?”, “Do I have any spiritual abilities?”, “Are my loved ones who have passed with me?”, “Can I connect with spirit or my loved ones?”

As a spiritualist…
I’ve always had the gift of communicating with spirit from a young age. As a child I heard voices and always had a ‘knowing’ about things. At the time I did not understand or know it was spirit. I was born and raised a Catholic, so religion was a part of my life, but I always felt like there was something missing.

For me my spiritual journey all began when I was at Auckland University studying to be a teacher and one of my close friends was herself a psychic and decided to give me a reading in the university library. I was so intrigued, skeptic, scared and excited all at the same time. This was all new to me but finally made sense as to what these voices in my head were! With her encouragement I bought my first pack of Angel Cards and did readings on myself and very close friends and family.

Like a lot of Psychic Mediums, the right teacher was brought to me completely out of the blue at a public demonstration. This wonderful teacher taught me how to receive messages from spirit and how to interpret these messages. I also discovered that I could channel people that were now on the other side. It was all very exciting, yet daunting!

My work as a Psychic Medium began in 2012 where I started doing one on one readings for clients in my weekends. I’ve since had great pleasure in reading for many people all around the world, in person, phone or Skype. Through international training and experiences I’ve taken to sharing my gift in public demonstrations and events and I now work full-time now as a Psychic Medium.

I am so passionate about bringing the love and guidance for my clients from spirit, it brings me so much happiness and satisfaction. I am so thankful to spirit and look forward to the rest of the journey.

Why have a reading?
As an evidential modern day Psychic Medium I always work with the highest intention to provide you clear information that empowers and inspires your life. I work to my best ability to provide you with direction, insight, as well as answers you may have about your life. I also bring forward to you your loved ones in spirit and the messages they wish to share with you.
To enhance your experience it is best to come with an open mind and heart and let what you receive have the opportunity to unfold.

Melissa Mills on stairs, sitting

A little bit about Melissa…
I currently live in Auckland, New Zealand, which has been my home since I was nine years old. I was born in France and am fluent in both French and English.

Before making the big move to Auckland, New Zealand I lived in Gabon and Tunisia (Africa), where I have some of my best childhood memories and I was fortunate to see a lot of the world. Growing up in Africa was amazing – we spent most of our time on the water or trekking through deserts, and I even had pet monkeys!

Performing arts has always been my passion. From the moment I could talk I was always singing, and from the age of 2 I started ballet. I have always had a tuned ear – probably why I hear spirit! I have always loved the stage as performing in front of audiences has always been my happy place and very freeing. Throughout my adolescence I did many musicals and singing at events, and was even a Ballroom and Latin champion.

When it came to make the choice about my career I really had no idea. I liked children, so a friend suggested becoming a teacher. I went to University and graduated with a  Bachelor of Education. I taught primary school children for three and a half years, before making the big decision to follow my spiritual path.

I have two children; a daughter and a son. They both keep me very busy, and I hope that I can help them to realise their dreams. Being a mum has really helped me along my spiritual journey as it has taught me to become completely selfless and patient. Lessons I really needed to learn.

Thank you for reading
Many blessings and love to you
May spirit continue to guide and inspire you

Melissa Mills

Melissa’s Training/Courses


1 week Platform training at the Arthur Findlay College | Tutor Simone Key

1 Day Platform Mediumship Tutor Lisa Williams

7 Week Advanced Mediumship Course Tutor Lisa Williams

1 Day Oracle Card Workshop Tutor Lisa Williams


5 Day Mediumship Workshop  | Tutor Tony Stockwell

2 Day workshop “Masterclass – The demonstrating Medium” | Tutor Tony Stockwell


Mediumship and More | Tutor Kerry-Marie Callender

1 on 1 Guides, Angel Realm and Ascended Masters development | Melissa Bult


Psychic Art | Tutor Kerry-Marie Callender


Angel Guidance | Tutor Melissa Bult

The Psychic Senses and Mediumship | Tutor Kerry-Marie Callender

Introduction to Mediumship | Tutor Kerry-Marie Callender


Spiritual Awakening | Tutor Kerry-Marie Callender

Healing with Angels | Tutor Melissa Bult

Melissa Mills - Training and Courses


Spirit Hugs On National TV

Melissa Mills interviewed on The Cafe with hosts Mike Puru and Melanie Homer June 2017.

Whispers From Above Journal

The Whispers From Above Journal helps you to create a personal connection to your loved ones in spirit and is makes a wonderful keepsake to treasure forever



“Melissa’s readings are very caring, accurate and detailed. She has helped me immensely over the last couple of years and connecting with a lost, loved one has been very healing. I have recommended and referred her to many people who have also had readings and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.”

- KA

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